The second child in a family of four, Robert F. Rodriguez was born on June 28, 1991.  He and brother Andrew are the sons of Douglas and Miriam Rodriguez originally from the Greater Denver area

(Aurora, Franktown, Parker) Robert began performing live on drum set at age ten.  Prior to his first performance Robert played on a small steel snare he'd been given for his birthday.  Only one year after he began playing drums, Robert was invited to join the heavy metal band, [Elctrikchair] with brother, Andrew Rodriguez.  Although the duo were seven years apart in age, Robert garnered an early following from a host of local musicians.  Despite his young age, he quickly became a force among rock drummers.  A few weeks after his debut show, Robert competed in a drum-off at a local [Colorado] venue with older more experienced drummers and won the competition. 

Despite winning the competition, there remained an obvious skepticism among local fans and band members.  Although he was beginning to acquire a positive reputation in the music scene, there were still many music fans in the Denver area who were skeptical of his abilities.

A few months after entering his first drum off he entered another drum off at Battle of the Bands "Cervantes" 2003. Robert again was awarded first place for his drum performance with the band he and his brother founded, Elctrikchair.

Their success locally led the band to tour throughout the U.S. Elctrikchair's original lineup included band members:  Andrew J. Rodriguez (lead guitar) Aurora, CO, Robert F. Rodriguez (drums) Aurora, CO and Eloy Fernandez (bass) Aurora, CO.

EC played the 2004 Milwaukee Metal Fest with the Misfits and a host of heavy metal acts.  EC's fan base was growing exponentially which resulted in broader tour scheduling and featured live performances at legendary Hollywood venues:  CBGBs, Whiskey A Go-Go and Troubadour.

Eventually Robert and EC would reach new heights in terms of music success.  Their album "Xenophobia" was sold by music retailers throughout the U.S.  EC toured nation-wide for the next year to support their new album.  Shortly after successfully completing the tour the band decided to devote the next few years to studio recording rather than touring.

"Touring was a lot of fun. In fact, we still play festivals on rare occassions." - Robert(From an interview done in 2011 for KJHK.)

During his time in the recording studio, Robert decided he wanted to experience something different, jazz.  He couldn't be satisfied with just playing jazz.  Instead, his passion inspired him to pursue becoming a jazz great.  To one day be among the best professional jazz drummers.  

Robert valued the time he'd invested studying jazz in high school and he'd received several awards at the prestigious Baker University Jazz Festival (Kansas).  

Rodriguez was accepted into the jazz program at highly regarded Kansas State University.  The program director is Dr. Wayne Goins, Professor.  

Rodriguez played in program jazz bands including:  Lab A, House Wreckers Jazz Combo, Swing Machine Combo and is currently performing with K-State's top 'Concert Jazz Ensemble.' Robert's collegiate career was extraordinarily successful. In fact, so successful that he attracted the attention of members of the popular Manhattan (KS) big band 'The Thundering Cats.'  The Thundering Cats is comprised of exceptional professional jazz musicians, many of whom are highly regarded university music professors. 

Rodriguez was recruited to audition for The Thundering Cats and was selected as the band's drummer.  At the time of his selection Robert was easily the youngest member of The Thundering Cats.   

Robert's music experience includes a variety of studio and live projects some of which are:

- The Thundering Cats Big Band
- R&R Jazz combo (His personal combo put together with his favorite musicians)
- Thundering Cats Jazz combo
- The Antics
- Out of Step
- Hubris
- Wrath of the Fallen
- Deviance
- Illegal Smile
- Madame Groove
- Wayne Goins Combo
- Charlie Roberts

Notable musicians with whom Robert has performed live on stage include:

The Legendary Howard Johnson

Dr. Wayne Goins

Donny Most (jazz singer  ('Ralph' of the television sitcom Happy Days)

Gordon Lewis

Grammy Award Winning Singer, Brian Pinkfall

Nate Mclindon

Galen Abdur-Razzaq

Dr. Patricia Thomson

Robert currently  teaches drum-set throughout the midwest.