Professional Set Drummer 

You don't want to miss this rare opportunity to witness the arts at its finest. This prodigious musician drummer is redefining contemporary percussion performance without sacrificing esteemed tradition. 

Robert F. Rodriguez brings the desired ambience to professional performance.  Whether its an arena crowd, a favorite jazz lounge, rock concert, private party, wedding, anniversary, corporate function, country event or other special occasion celebration.  Robert's dynamic and unique drumming brings that special something.  The 'it' factor.  Whatever 'it' is, he's definitely got 'it.'  It's not about ego, it's who he is and the beauty of his finely honed craft that sets him apart in the world of percussion. 

While Rodriguez's primary focus is set drumming, he is an extraordinarily talented music director, artist, music composer, song writer, vocalist, bassist, pianist, xylophonist and percussionist. 

Robert's collegiate career enabled him to perform with his university marching band before a crowd of 60,000 fans at half-time of a major college football bowl game, where they received a standing ovation following their performance. 

[Legendary Kansas State University football Coach Bill Snyder (left) pauses to visit with Robert following a performance for VIP university guests.]   

Rodriguez refined his skills, studying and performing professionally with university professors and world renown artist musicians.  He's been touted by many professional musicians and university professors as being among entertainment's best young drummers.  But if you ask Robert, his humble demeanor deflects the compliment leading him instead to share what he wants to do to please his audiences, preferring to give credit to drummers he admires, his students and the host of talented music icons that have shared  knowledge with him.  He loves learning and believes learning is a life-long experience.  Robert applies that same principle to his music.  He insists, 'Learning music is a life journey for some, it's my passion, we're inseparable.'   

As a member of the professional big band, Thundering Cats, Robert and the incredible band recently brought an enthusiastic capacity arena audience to their feet following a dazzling jazz performance. When Robert was recruited to the Thundering Cats he was the youngest member of the group which normally selects more senior polished musicians.   

When he's not on stage or bringing that special edge to a wedding or special occasion Robert is bringing delight to his community, performing for retirement home residents or elementary school children with his drums, vocals or entertaining sense of humor.  Rodriguez is already hard at work sharing his knowledge and talent with the next generation.  Robert teaches high school and middle school students.

As if not already busy enough, Robert recruits, directs and performs professional music combos.  He is the principal of his music studio [Prodigy] and music [Dust2Dust] network.